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United Way work ‘will forever change’ sponsored employee

Jodi Mabee

Do more, give more, give back. That has become a personal mantra for Jodi Mabee, Western’s sponsored employee to support the annual United Way Elgin Middlesex fundraising campaign.


Sponsored employee to show us the ‘Way’

Kathryn McAuley 

“It was the best thing I’ve ever done.”

That was just one piece of advice Kathryn McAuley received from others as she weighed the possibility of taking on the role of Western’s Sponsored Employee for the 2019 United Way Elgin Middlesex campaign.





Poverty’s toll ‘unignorable’: United Way rep

Jasmine Ball

Jasmine Ball

2018 Sponsored Employee

Jasmine Ball is an administrative co-ordinator in the office of the Associate Vice-President (Student Experience). She is a sponsored employee to the United Way Elgin Middlesex, and she shares this personal story of why she is involved … and how you can help.

One sentiment I’ve heard a lot recently, is that everyone knows about United Way, but not everyone sees its impact. Our community has the third highest rate of child poverty in all of Canada; that’s one in five children living below the poverty line. If this comes as a surprise to you, you’re in good company. It’s a surprise for many. The truth is, poverty is something many children learn to conceal.




Staffer eyes challenges in United Way role

Sabrina Tingle

Sabrina Tingle,
Sponsored Employee - 2017

Sabrina Tingle had hesitations about her new job, worried about the size of the challenges she would face. But today, she sees her latest role as a journey of growth.

“It was a big eye-opener, meeting someone for the first time, to understand and not judge what they’ve been through,” said Western’s Sponsored Employee for the 2017 United Way of London & Middlesex campaign. “From everyone I’ve had the opportunity to talk to so far, I have heard part of their story that pulled at my heart strings. But what gives me goosebumps, and brings tears to my eyes is the emotion attached from a positive perspective.”


Grace Kelly finds home in United Way role

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly,
Sponsored Employee - 2016

She has planted gardens, painted lines in parking lots and swept out horse barns – all in the name of helping United Way of London & Middlesex.

“It’s been the best experience of my life,” said Kelly, at the midway point of her four-month secondment as a sponsored employee. “You begin to hear the stories and it is just so emotional. Even talking about it now I get emotional.”

Personal story puts familiar face on United Way campaign

Deanna Bushelle

Deanna Bushelle,
Sponsored Employee - 2015

The role asks for four months, countless campaign tasks, long hours and a fervent dedication to fundraising. But for Deanna Bushelle, the biggest contribution is her story.

“Not many people want to say they grew up in poverty and had to use all these (United Way-funded) services. In my childhood years, my mom was a single mom, working to support me and my siblings."

Sponsored employee joins Western's United Way effort

Dayna Munro

Dayna Munro,
Sponsored Employee - 2014

Dayna Munro said the campus community has the ability to make a immediate impact on the lives of London’s most vulnerable.

There was one little girl not smiling, showing no life in her sad eyes. As a supply teacher, Dayna Munro’s instinct kicked in. “I asked if she was okay and she told me she was okay – just hungry,” said Munro, Western’s 2014 United Way sponsored employee.

United Way offers student a lifeline

Western Student

Valerie Christie,
Western Nursing Student

With the help of Youth Opportunities Unlimited, a United Way-funded agency, Western student Valerie Christie is no longer homeless and working toward a nursing career.

It’s safe to say the helping hand of a United Way of London & Middlesex-funded agency made a huge difference in the life of Western Nursing student Valerie Christie.