Champions & Volunteers

Thank you to our amazing United Way volunteers for helping Western to show our local love!

If you are interested in getting involved in the 2023 campaign as a Committee Member, Champion, or Volunteer please contact Alyssa Craik (Committee Member - Champion Engagement) 

2023 Campaign Committee



Contact Info

Campaign Co-Chairs

Carol Jones

Colin Couchman 

Retiree Co-Chairs

Louise Milligan

Alex Kulczycki

Leadership Co-Chairs

Kim Miller

Darren Meister

Sponsored Employee

Sydney Joao
United Way Relationship Manager

Sabrina Pinarello

Champion Engagement

Alyssa Craik
Communications Specialist

Terry Rice

Phoebe Wilson

HR Representative

Donna Chute-Dolan

Campus Events

Leslie Gloor Duncan

Sarah Sedo-Park

Student Engagement

 Michelle Lidka 
Finance Representative

Ryan Palmer

2022 Campaign Champions

2022 Campaign Champions

Faculty / Division / Department


Email Address

Book Store & Graphic Services

Tegan Pfaff

Jessie Karn 

Campus Safety & Emergency Services

Bill Chantler 

Continuing Studies Tanya Filipcic 
Facilitities Management

Cindi Talbot

Reina Rezaie

Bregette Hill-Smith 

Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Jessica Schagel

Carrie Connelly 

Faculty of Science Lauren Starr
Financial Services and Internal Audit Hari Karumal 
Housing Services

Melissa Ostrowski

Kathleen Grainger 

Faculty of Health Sciences

Gordon MacDonald

Michael Robinson

Stephanie Somers

Technology Services Joanne Moniz 
Institutional Planning & Budgetting Jimmy Chien 
Ivey Business School

Tammy Fidler 

Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry

Susanne Schmid 

Student Experience Lisa Dale 
University Secretariat Alexandra Rogozynski 
Western Communications Tristan Joseph 
Western Research Brigette Soudant 
Western Libraries Cheryl Wright